Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cast Away 2000 [Eng] Movie Torrent Download

Cast Away 2000 torrent

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Torrent Size: 815 MB
Seeds: 135
Peers: 52

Runtime: 143 min
Language: Eng
Subtitles: German
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Video Bitrate: 2924 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 384 kbps
Year: 2000
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez

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Users review: At the turn of the millennium, the technology began to be bigger and better. Movies had begun to develop in a way that had never been predicted, but so did the actors. After watching Robert Zemeckis Forrest Gump in 1994, I thought I had seen a real drama, but it was clearly just beginning.Tom Hanks (Big, Forrest Gump) stars in his Oscar-nominated performance as Chuck Noland, a federal Ex manager who is stranded on an isolated island after a thunderous plan crash.When doing research on this film, I was surprised to see that Russell Crowe had beaten Oscar Hanks 2001. Practically Crowe was in Gladiator, Hanks became personally thought most sensational result of his career here. Noland Hanks character is truly remarkable. If an executive collar background and comfortable with his long time girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt), to be an isolated figure in different circumstances. The change in the character makes Hanks express their full potential action and dive deep into the soul of the character. It's a real struggle for human intelligence and human power as Hanks does so well to give and some scenes really got to me, it is as strong and GO paper, r well to compete their second Oscar semiotic texts wins.The is noticeably significant. After leaving the wreckage with a few supplies, builds himself Noland what can be saved and none is more recognizable than Wilson. A silence volleyball, which is encoded in such a pull Hanks could use dialogue to express their traumatic emotions.The plot is exciting for several scenes. The plane crash is very dramatic and very well directed by Zemeckis and scenes filmed on the island, where Hanks is alone and wandering what to do are quiet and cooling, motivating the drama. The beautiful island is contradicted by the drastic situation, a superb end incentive.The is wonderful as it paves the way for many fascinating film possibilitiesa

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